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We help builders, remodelers, realtors & contractors showcase their work & position their company.

Video for Builders, Remodelers & Realtors in Lakeville MN

When you want predictable, professional and affordable results to showcase your work & position your company, Brave Carrot is here to deliver.


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Country Creek Builders Sizzle Reel

January 17, 2022

New Spaces Remodeling Bjorn Freudenthal Intro

January 17, 2022

Real Estate Video for Clark Lensing Realtor

August 20, 2022

Property Video for Ryan Custodio of Remax

January 17, 2022

Close More Sales & Increase Market Share with Video

Video is a Critical Piece of a Well Rounded Marketing Approach

Brave Carrot is owned and intertwined with Feedbackwrench Web Design & Marketing.

We don't just create videos, we know how to produce & implement videos that cause people to take a step with your business, as well drive traffic and close more deals.

Here at Brave Carrot, our parent company is Feedbackwrench Web Design & Marketing.  In fact, we're the same company.

We Generate Sales, Not Just Produce Video

We Craft Multiple Videos for Marketing

When we shoot a video with you, we'll help you cut it into a handful of videos that can serve different puproses.

Ways to Repurpose Real Estate Video:

  • Used as a Video Sales Letter on Landing Pages & Websites
  • Used as part of a Sales Funnel & Marketing Funnel
  • Facebook & Instagram Shorts
  • Youtube Long Form Videos
  • Long form LinkedIn Video
  • Long form Instagram & Facebook Videos
  • Short Form Vidoes for Tik Tok, Youtube Shorts & more
  • Video for Blog Posts & Content for SEO
  • Used in Youtube Bumper Ads
  • Used in Youtube Discovery Ads
  • Built as a Video Library for Future Videos
  • B-Roll for VLOGS you put on

When we shoot video as your Lakeville Minnesota Real Estate Videographer, we'll make sure that we'll make sure to cut it up and build out multiple video assets that will help your business thrive and take market share.

Video Sales Letters for Real Estate

Have the full conversation before they contact you.

A video sales letter is a video placed in top-fold of a website that will essentially bring people full circle through your sales conversation.

You might place a video sales letter in the Hero section of your website, or on Youtube channel optimized for branded keywords.

One of the most important things you should do with your real estate videos, is build a "video sales letter", that essentially has a high quality sales conversation with your prospective clients before they contact you.  We'll often hear people talk about needing to just get people on the phone or in a meeting so they can hit their sales goals, and we always pivot that advice toward videos.

Video Sales Letter Example:

Targeted Videos are Like Perfect Cold Calling

We help businesses establish fill sales funnels with video.

When you place video on your website, you'll be able to have a full conversation about your business, and you can do more than just say what you can do, but you can unbox what's really special about the way you work.  You can position your value propositions, you can create the necessary tensions involved in an meaningful decision and then you can help them get to know you as wel..

When you incorporate video with your marketing and websites, you'll increase your conversions and sales.

Lakeville MN Photographer & Videographer

Video for Realtors & Remodelers

Whether you're showcasing a property, your listing process or a home's transformation, we'll help you stand out.


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